Taking on Martis: Baxia’s Winning Moves!

Taking on Martis: Baxia's Winning Moves!

In Mobile Legends, Martis, a well-known jungler, has become a big deal on the battlefield. Tank junglers like Baxia are the best heroes to beat him. Come with me as I explain why Baxia is the best answer and how you can use him to beat Martis.

How to Understand — A Tough Enemy

Not like other fighters, Martis is very strong, especially when he’s in the woods. His Mortal Coil skill makes wars and big team fights a mess. He’s also immune to some skills, which lets him deal with different scenarios. A well-equipped is hard to beat because it is immune to damage. His strength comes from not being able to be controlled by the crowd.

What makes Martis even more dangerous is that he can do a lot of damage, even early on. He can be a problem at any time, not just in the last few minutes of the game.

Instead of Martis, you should bring in a tank jungler like Baxia to deal with him. In Mobile Legends, this tough tank is the best hero to fight him.

Martis is afraid of Baxia’s weapons

Baxia is the perfect person to mess up Martis’s plans because he has thick armor and moves quickly. He has a lot of trouble with Baxia during his farming phase because of this. One big plus for Baxia is that his skills don’t take long to cool down, so he’s always ready to act. I really like how his second skill does steady and strong damage.

Baxia’s baseline skill lowers the damage that hits him, and his second skill gives him Shield Unity, which makes him easier to chase after Martis.

A smart plan to fight Martis with Baxia

It’s smart to use Baxia as a hero counter against Martis in a Mobile Legends ranked game by following these steps:

  1. Exploit High Mobility: Baxia’s mobility is crucial. Use it to mess up Martis’s farming and keep him on his toes.
  2. Short Cooldowns, Quick Moves: Baxia’s quick skill cooldowns mean you can consistently pressure him. Don’t give him any breathing room.
  3. Consistent Damage Output: Baxia’s second skill ensures a steady stream of damage. Use this advantage when facing him.
  4. Passive Damage Reduction: Baxia’s passive skill helps him endure incoming SLOTJARWO damage. Use this toughness to withstand Martis’s attacks.
  5. Shield Unity Chase: Activate Baxia’s Shield Unity when enemy is in your sights. Turning into a wheel lets you quickly close the gap and keep the pressure on.

In Conclusion – Baxia’s Triumph

In the competitive world of Mobile Legends, countering a hero like Martis requires strategy and the right hero choice. Baxia, with his high mobility, consistent damage output, and toughness, is an excellent hero counter to Martis. So, when the battlefield calls for a showdown, choose Baxia, master his skills, and make sure to win in Mobile Legends ranked matches.