Say goodbye to wisdom teeth surgery with new treatment

Say goodbye to wisdom teeth surgery with new treatment

Imagine a therapy that takes just one minute, does not need any surgery, and prevents the development of wisdom teeth. Oral health and development company TriAgenics is hard at work trying to make this vision a reality, according to new study that was just published in The Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Leigh Colby, DDS, CEO of TriAgenics, feels that this study represents the future of wisdom teeth care for patients in the age range of 7 to 11. According to what he indicated, efforts are now being made to attract further money, acquire clearance from the FDA, and bring this innovative medicine to market as quickly as feasible.

Say goodbye to wisdom teeth surgery with new treatment

As a result of our exhaustive study, we have come to the conclusion that this will make the treatment of wisdom teeth much less of a hassle for dentists. According to Colby, “this is an area of dentistry that has remained largely unchanged over the course of the past one hundred years.” When compared to having wisdom teeth extracted, we anticipate that there will be no recuperation period, no dry socket, and none of the discomfort associated with the procedure. It is anticipated that the results will be much better in the long run than if these problematic teeth were allowed to develop.

When will there be a modern method for removing wisdom teeth?

TriAgenics anticipates that their Zero3 therapy kits will begin to be sold for the first time in 2024, despite achieving a perfect 100% success rate in preventing molar formation in animal tests.

The manufacturing and distribution of the organization’s transparent braces follows a paradigm somewhat similarly to that of Align Technology, which inspired the organization’s business strategy. The x-rays and prescriptions for Zero3 TBA therapy that patients have received from licensed dentists will be sent to TriAgenics. After that, TriAgenics will create individualized 3TBA surgery kits and distribute them to dentists so that the 3TBA therapy may be administered.

When the expenses of imaging and anesthesia are taken into account, it is estimated that the total expenditures in the United States that are related with the removal of wisdom teeth amount to about $5 billion. According to estimations provided by TriAgenics, the total addressable market for Zero3 TBA is larger than $2.5 billion yearly.

TriAgenics believes that it has a secure position in the North American market as a result of its strong intellectual property position, which includes 23 patents in the United States and internationally. The prior funding for the firm came from Series A1 and Series A2 offers, totaling $7.5 million. Through Start Engine, it is currently issuing shares of the Series A3 stock.