Zoo critters, live and imaginary, introduced at library


Animal lovers of all ages gathered at the Whitehouse Community Library Thursday, June 14, for a visit from Caldwell Zoo representatives and in anticipation of what animal friends might be introduced.

The library hosted the guests from the zoo as part of the scheduled summer events. Morgan Armstrong, Alex Sudduth and Lori Wise, who were present, are part of a six-person group responsible for educational and outreach activities of the zoo.

Sudduth began the visit by reading “If I Ran the Zoo” by Dr. Suess. After completing the book, Sudduth introduced two Madagascar hissing cockroaches. She told the audience Madagascar hissing cockroaches have exoskeletons that are similar in feel to a person’s fingernails.

Sudduth and Armstrong took the cockroaches though the crowd, allowing all who desired to touch the insects an opportunity to do so. Wise entered the crowd offering hand sanitizer to those who had chosen to touch the critters.

The other animal visitor to the library was “Buddy,” a ferret. He, too, made it around the room so those gathered could stroke his fur. Again, the opportunity to pet the animal was followed with an offer of hand sanitizer.

Once everyone had a chance to see and touch the animals, the three zoo representatives put them in their appropriate cages. After staying to answer questions of several of the library guests, the zoo associates took their leave.

The next guest scheduled to visit the library is Dru Woods, a storyteller, puppeteer and musician who will present her “Rocking the Library” program Thursday, June 29.

For library hours or upcoming programs and events, visit www.whitehousecommunitylibrary.com.


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