York sets school record, earns ‘Best Lifter’


Troup powerlifter Katie York set a Region 3, Division 3 record in the squat.


She broke her own record of 345 pounds set in 2017 with a lift of 350 pounds. On her final lift, she set the record again with a lift of 365 pounds. The meet was in Fairfield Saturday, March 3.

York tied the best total weight in the 132-pound class, but had to settle for second place because she was four ounces heavier than the first place lifter. She also was named the “Best Lifter” in the squat category.

York also had lifts of 155 in the bench press and 300 in the deadlift for a total of 820 pounds.

Jalyce Dennis placed fourth in the 220-pound class with lifts of 355 in the squat, 195 in the bench and 360 in the deadlift for a total of 910 pounds. Two girls in the weight division set records in the squat and bench press lifts so Dennis had to work to finish fourth.

Alondra Salinas placed sixth in the 249-plus class with lifts of 320 pounds in the squat, 185 in the bench and 250 in the deadlift for a total of 755 pounds.

Rhema Pitts had lifts of 315 (squat), 150 (bench) and 255 (deadlift) for a total of 720 pounds for eighth place in the 165-pound class; Maryssa Gilliam was eighth in the 181-pound class with lifts of 365, 150 and 270 for a total weight of 785 pounds; and Randi Wilson finished 11th in the 198-pound class with lifts of 280, 160, 310 for a total weight of 750 pounds.

Jennifer Gatlin participated in the 97-pound class.


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