Workers flush out city sewer situation


Early Tuesday, April 3, Troup city officials were alerted about a collapsed sewer main in the 1400 block of West Duval near Dairy Queen. The problem was first discovered when water was found seeping through a manhole cover located near Braden Street and West Duval.

By mid-morning, crews had located the area of pipe that had collapsed, dug up the roadway and were searching for the ends of pipe to ascertain the length of pipe to be replaced. The City of Tyler had sent a large sewer cleaning truck and tried to clear the blockage in the pipe, according to Troup city manager Gene Cottle. Though they were unable to clear the blockage, they did locate the exact position of the collapse.

Cottle cited the age of the clay pipe as the cause of the failure and reported that since sewer lines are dug much deeper than other utility lines, no other utilities were affected. The broken length of clay pipe will be replaced with plastic pipe.

Trucks of 3,000- and 4,000-gallon capacities were used to pump out and transport the sewage during the repair.

“We’re going to work until it’s completely repaired,” Cottle stated on Thursday, April 5. “There has been no problem in disposing of sewer because we’ve been pumping it out and transporting it.”

Labor and equipment for the emergency work was estimated at $40,000 but that figure did not account for the cost of the trucks to pump and transport the sewage.

Final connections on the sewer line were completed Saturday, April 7, and repaving of the roadway began Monday, April 9.


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