WJHS squad cheer-fully receives awards


Your Whitehouse Junior High cheerleaders competed in a triple elimination cheer tournament against eight other teams Saturday, Feb.17, and won. They were undefeated throughout the entire tournament.

In round one the girls competed with their chant and scored 94 out of 100. 

In round two the girls competed with their cheer and scored 95 out of 100. 

In round three the girls competed in their routine and scored 96 out of 100. 

In the first round of finals the girls competed their chant, cheer, and routine back to back and scored 97 out of 100. 

In the final round of the day the girls again competed in their chant, cheer, and routine back to back for a final score of 96 that earned them an undefeated record and first place. 

It was an exciting day for the WJHS cheer program! Winning first was amazing and seeing the late night practices, Christmas break practices, and early morning practices all be worth it was an amazing feeling.

However, the one thing that stood out most was the character of each girl on the squad. Throughout the entire tournament the girls cheered on every other squad, wished every team good luck and said good job after each performance. To top it off they were gracious and humble with their win. These are some awesome student athletes we have.

Team members included Katie Allison, Jayden Campbell, Emma Cook, Grace Enright, Halie Hanks, Skylar Leach, Macy Mann, Kaitlyn Monroe, Reese Poole, Addie Pruitt, Jaylen Sigwald, Faith Walker and manager, Isabella Castillo.

The only question now is, “Where are we hanging this banner?” 


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