Letter to the Editor

WISD bond


Dear Editor,

A very important issue on the ballot is concerning the taxpayers of Whitehouse ISD. There are two propositions on the ballot that our local school board and administrators want you to support. They are asking you to vote for a $95 million school bond which includes a host of grandiose items such as a new Brown Elementary campus, to be built on 83 acres of land that they have already purchased in Tyler.  They also want to level the existing Jr. High campus, including the historic C.L. Nix gymnasium, and build a new one on top of the existing tennis courts, baseball and softball fields, which they are going to relocate to the High School. Along with these projects, they also want to construct a covered practice facility at the High School for only $5.5 million and have you pay, for 30 years, for a new HVAC system for the High School, something that any other business would have paid for out of budget.

WISD asked a select group of individuals in our community to create a Political Action Committee to go out and actively promote the passage of this bond. The “Vote Yes” signs that you see, along with the mailer you recently received, are part of this group’s efforts. As a veteran of political campaigns, I can honestly say that signs don’t vote, and like a true PAC, their mailer, and the mailer you received from WISD, only told you what they wanted you to know about this $95 million mega bond that they hope you support. If you want to know, as Paul Harvey used to say, “the rest of the story,” visit our Facebook page @ Facebook/VoteNoForWISDMegaBond. All of the facts on this page come from materials gathered from the WISD website and from WISD Superintendent Chris Moran through a Public Information Request.

WISD is so confident that you will support them that they have already commissioned the Architectural firm to design plans for the new tennis courts, baseball and softball fields at the High School for $355,000. They have also already purchased 2 tracts of land, 19 acres in Whitehouse and 83 acres in Tyler for approximately $2 million. The 19-acre tract was purchased from one of the current WISD Administrators, whose salary is $114,426/year, for $725,000. They are also paying the Smith County Elections office an additional $2,000 to add temporary polling locations for 3 nights at Wildcat Stadium during home football games, and on Saturday of early voting at the Brown Elementary PTO Garage Sale.  As far as we have been able to determine, this may be the first time in U.S. history that polling booths for a National election have ever been present at a garage sale!

Please do your homework before voting. Taxes will increase dramatically, and will never come down again. If this mega bond passes, it will put our total indebtedness at $125 million, plus interest, for another 30 years. Can you afford another huge tax increase?

Hank Gilbert,



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