Wilson helps boots on the ground


Spring time is usually thought of as a time to kick back and ride out the school year for many high schoolers. That is not the case for Randi Wilson of Troup High School.

With an assignment given out to all Troup High School National Honor Society students, Wilson chose her beneficiary to be the Troup Volunteer Fire Department. She arranged for jars to be in every third period class at the high school. Students could contribute and the class that raised the most money got a pizza party. Her classmates donated $219.53.

“I feel like it was very successful,” Wilson said. “I had great help from Mrs. Agnew and Mrs. Berryhill.”

Agnew truly took the project to heart as did Wilson.

“This project meant a lot to her (Agnew) with her husband being a firefighter who lost his life a few years ago,” Wilson said. “Being the daughter of two firefighters I know how much the water and Gatorade and extra supplies are deeply needed and appreciated.”

Wilson knows a lot about the family of firefighters.

“I wanted to help the firefighters out with anything extra that they may need because I know that fire season is coming up,” Wilson said. “It meant a lot to me because firefighting is a brotherhood and with me growing up in a firefighter family, I feel that I am a part of that brotherhood.

Wilson’s parents are Penny Orr and Randal Wilson who have served as firefighters in Arp for over 20 years.


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