Whitehouse voters approve TRE


The board of trustees of the Whitehouse Independent School District voted to call for a tax ratification election which was conducted Saturday, Aug. 25.

Voters were asked to cast their ballot either in favor or against a change in the allotment of the current tax rate, not an increase or decrease in the tax rate itself which would remain at $1.413.

The current rate included $1.06 towards maintenance and operations (M&O), or funding of everyday operations of the district, while 0.353 percent of the rate went towards the interest and sinking fund (I&S), monies the district uses to pay off debt.

The intent of the election was to reallocate two pennies from the I&S fund to the M&O fund. The end result would not change the overall tax rate, but due to the funding formulas of the state, would result in a greater amount of funds the district would receive from the state.

The election, in which only 352 votes were cast, resulted in passage of the change with 253 votes in favor and 99 against.

The WISD trustees, on Monday, Sept. 10, adopted a budget amendment to reflect the tax ratification approval.

Though the district receives monthly payouts from the state and not a lump sum figure, it is estimated that WISD will receive $850,000 in additional funding for the 2018-2019 school year due to the approved change.


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