Whitehouse nearly even with All Saints in net action


All Saints just edged Whitehouse in tennis action last week. In 19 matches, All Saints won 10, including the last match that featured Sarah Teves.

A lengthy match, Teves played points with as many as 20 shots before she fell short in a tie-breaker.

“I was extremely proud of our athletes and the composure and competitive nature showed on and off the court,” said head coach Patrick Howard.

Howard said All Saints is a perennial powerhouse and the results indicate substantial growth in a short time by the Whitehouse players.

The Wildcats and Ladycats hosted Bullard Tuesday, Sept. 5, and will open play with District 17-5A teams Tuesday, Sept. 12, when they host Nacogdoches. Action will begin at 3:30 p.m.

The junior varsity team dominated Kilgore last week. Whitehouse won 17 of 24 matches. 

“All of the players worked very hard in their matches with some easy victories and some close matches,” Howard said. “You could really see all of the players trying to apply what we have been working on in practice the last couple of weeks. Our movement during our doubles matches was much better and our volleys were solid.”

In the doubles round, victories were won by Ramirez and Moulton 8-5; Beaumont and Hyland 8-4; Wood and Pannagle 8-2; Sovia and Eva M. 8-5; Jiang and Fulmer 8-2; and Taylor and Boozer 8-4.

In singles matches, all of the girls easily won their matches and the boys won seven of 12 matches. Victories in the singles matches included Gage Henson 8-6; Koby Moulton 8-3; Jacob Wood 6-2; Jacob Hyland 8-5; Devon Jones 6-0; Logan Shackelford 6-4; Jacob Fulmer 6-0.


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