Whitehouse anglers first; Troup, Arp among top ten


Led by the team of Trent Bookman and Elijah Focht, Whitehouse won the team Lake Fork Tournament in the Texas High School Bass Association tournaments Saturday, Nov. 18.

At the tournament, Bookman and Focht placed third overall with a catch of 8.03 pounds. Fish the length of 16 to 24 inches were not eligible to count toward the weight total, according to the rules of the lake, so the overall results were lower than usual.

“As far as the tournament, it was really rough,” said Tim Haugh, president of THSBA. “It was really windy throughout the entire tournament, which made it hard on a lot of teams. The rules on Lake Fork are a little difficult to work with; Lake Fork is a slot lake, and you can’t keep a fish between 16 and 24 inches, which makes the event a small fish tournament where you have to string together several heavier fish that are smaller in length. The good thing is that we are allowed to trailer during this event, which means anytime we want to move around the lake, we can put the boat on the trailer and move, instead of having to navigate a rough lake.”

Bookman and Focht lead the East Division Angler of the Year standings with a total of 1,491 points.

The Lindale duo of James Sandifer and Luke Sandifer won the tournament with a total weight of 8.31 pounds. The Arp team of Hannah Eakin and Hayden Bradshaw placed second with a catch of 8.24 pounds.

Tenth place honors went to the Whitehouse duo of Carsen James and Kenny Nguyen, who tipped the scales at 6.48 pounds.

The Troup team of Rowdy Howell and Walker Adams placed 13th with a catch of 6.10 pounds. The pair led Troup to 10th place in the team standings. Howell and Adams also are ninth in the Angler of the Year standings with 1,445 points.

Arp was eighth overall in the standings. There were 130 teams and 325 fish were caught with an average weight of 1.05 pounds.

Also for Whitehouse, the duo of Jason Wise and Paul Wood placed 27th with a total weight of 4.70 pounds, and the team of Victor Ontiveros and Beau Breland placed 37th with a catch of 3.94 pounds. Brandon Burrow and Gage Dowdle also placed among the top 50 at 50th place with a weight total of 2.92 pounds.

The Troup team of Haley Dowdy and Mackenzie Weaver were among the top 50 at 31st place. They had a catch of 4.50 pounds. The duo of Layne Boyer and Wryn Martin placed 35th with a total of 4.09 pounds.

Two additional Arp teams placed among the top 50, including the duo of Derek Chatham and Weston Sanford, who placed 38th with a total weight of 3.68 pounds. The team of Hayden Grammier and Luke Gullatt placed 40th with a catch of 3.61 pounds.

From Whitehouse, Dakota Collins and Austin Moran finished with 2.79 pounds to tie the team of Trey Enright and Coby Dunn for 52nd place. Also placing in the tournament were Austin Davis and Justin Rasco (58th, 2.41 pounds); Blake Beasley (no boat partner, 64th, 1.85 pounds); Nathan Beasley (no boat partner, 92nd, 0.56 pounds); Nathaniel Delagarza and Elijah Carter (no weight total); Hayden Ford and Hunter Pipak (no weight total); Lynnzee Horton and Trailbe Goff (no weight total); Jayce Hutchins and Blaine Davis (no weight total); and Nicholas Larson and Justin Ishmael (no weight total).

Additional Troup teams that finished included Dalton Smith and Jordan Bonner (60th 2.14 pounds); Trevor Everett and Tristin Hardy (84th, 1.19 pounds); Dawson Plunkett (no boat partner, no weight total); and Brayden Vess and Dylan Meyer (no weight total).

Arp teams that participated include Derrick Ishee and Hunter Wright (55th 2.68 pounds); Casey Wood and Christian Holsinger (62nd 2.01 pounds); Lane Batie and Zach Batie (66th 2.80 pounds); Josh Pawlik and Claye Whitehead (no weight total); Briana Dear and Joseph Keegan (no weight total); and Dutch Whitt and Ben Vanwinkle (no weight total).

Through three tournaments, Whitehouse is first in the team standings with 300 points, which includes 100 points for first place in each of the tournaments. The previous tournaments were at Lake Palestine and Lake ‘O the Pines. Bullard is second with 291 points and Lindale is third at 291 points. Following the top three places are White Oak with 290 points; Robert E. Lee, 287; Van, 287; Spring Hill, 282; Frankston, 281; Troup, 273; Chapel Hill, 271; Arp, 270; Brownsboro, 267; Oakwood, 262; Elkhart, 258; Jacksonville, 254; Palestine, 215.5; Grace Community, 213.5; New Summerfield, 167; and Westwood, 83.

Among the top teams vying for Angler of the Year honors from Whitehouse includes the team of Wise and Wood, who are 10th with 1,442 points; Collins and Moran, 14th, 1,442 points; Davis and Rasco, 18th, 1,418 points; James and Nguyen, 28th, 1,379; Ontiveros and Breland, 30th, 1,375; Burrow and Dowdle, 39th, 1,354; Enright and Dunn, 40th, 1,350; Hutchins and Davis, 43rd, 1,344; Blake Beasley, 49th, 1,329; Delagarza and Carter, 59th, 1,303; Larson and Ishmael, 68th, 1,266; Nathan Bailey, 91st, 1,225; Ford and Pipak, 96th, 1,211; Horton and Goff, 107th, 1.139; Nelson and Barber, 114th, 866; and Bundy and Graham, 137th, 378 points.

Troup teams vying for Angler of the Year honors include Hardy and Everett, 44th, 1,341 points; Dowdy and Weaver, 62nd, 1,295; Bonner and Smith, 77th, 1,264; Meyer and Vess, 104th, 1,171; and Dawson Pluckett, 121st, 761 points.

Teams from Arp among the top 105 vying for Anger of the Year are Eakin and Bradshaw, 19th, 1,413 points; Grammier and Gullatt, 45th, 1,338; Catham and Sanford, 57th, 1,306; Whitt and Vanwinkle, 82nd, 1,243; Pawick and Whitehead, 85th, 1,238; Wood and Holsinger, 91st, 1,225; Ishee and Wright, 98th, 1,204; Batie and Batie, 100th, 1,193; and Dear and Keegan, 105th, 1,170 points.

The next tournament is slated for Saturday, Feb. 17 at Lake ‘O the Pines. The March tournament will be at Lake Palestine.


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