Living Out Loud

What’s NOT in the newspaper


“Wake the neighbors! Get the word out! Come on, crank up the music, climb a mountain and shout! This is life we’ve been given, made to be lived out … so live out loud.”


One night last week I was watching one of my favorite TV channels, Me TV, and there they were - ideal family of the 1950s-60s. Ward, June, Wally and the Beave were living up to all the expectations of this Boomer.

That night’s episode was one I didn’t remember. Wally had a crush on the girl working the ticket booth at the movie theater. She was obviously older, more a woman of the world than Wally.

Long story shortened somewhat, Beaver and his buddy see her in a bar smoking and drinking beer with a man. He doesn’t tell Wally but tell his parents after the couple has had dinner with the family and headed out on a date to the movies.

June is beside herself. Ward says, “Now June, the boy has to find out some things on his own.” The next thing you know June has the local newspaper in hand and is reading a story from page 1. The story is about a teen couple running off and eloping. She is just sure that Wally and this girl are doing just that, this very night.

I had to laugh about the thought of such a thing actually being in the newspaper. When I think back to the late ‘50s, early 60’s I guess that might have been front page news in the Mayfield Gazette.

Remember when you could open the newspaper and see a list of everyone who was admitted and dismissed from the hospital? Every baby born had an announcement in the paper too. All of the grandparents and where they were was all included.

I like to think that our newspaper offers a bit of that still. I know we can’t have the hospital lists anymore. Wouldn’t the HIPAA nerds flip their wigs?

Keep reading your hometown newspaper and see what’s happening at the baseball park, who got elected, what church is having a VBS and when and keep up with those honor roll kids.

Thanks for reading the Tri County Leader!

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