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What do horses eat?


“Wake the neighbors! Get the word out! Come on, crank up the music, climb a mountain and shout! This is life we’ve been given, made to be lived out … so live out loud.”


My friend Tom has quite a menagerie at his homestead in the boonies near Wells. I love to read his Facebook posts about the antics of the furry and feathered fold. They are always up to something.

Monday he was talking about how much his horses love it when the family has watermelon. It is also one of their favorite summer treats.

Having grown up with horses and cows, I remember how much they loved to crunch up the watermelon rinds when we finished off of the sweat juicy pink meat and made a contest out of seed spitting.

Tom shared a little secret that I never really thought about. Horse’s lips don’t seal shut when they eat. I never gave that much thought but it is true. Horses are really messy eaters. They tend to loose pieces of whatever they are eating and they slobber like a bloodhound.

We had a pen for our horses at my grandmama’s house up the road from us but for some reason the horses stayed in our backyard for a while.

Back in those days we had a burn barrel. Anyone remember those? I’d have one now however my local fire department and city ordinances frown upon such things. I’ll go back to the burn barrel when I get my land.

So while the horses were in our back yard, I vividly remember some hysterical events. One of those was my horse Pistol trying to eat out of the burn barrel. Yes, it was on fire, not flaming, but there was fire.

He would close his eyes and stick his head down part of the way until he could grab the edge of something, jerk it out and shake it until it stopped burning.

This was also the horse that would finish off anything left in the foil TV dinner trays. He especially loved the old El Chico TV dinners.

I’m pretty sure this horse was part goat.

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