UIL rules changes will affect Class-5A


The 2017-18 University Interscholastic League rule changes that were approved at the last UIL legislative meeting includes several changes and pilot programs.

For football the changes include:

• Continue the pilot program providing home field advantage to the higher district finish the first round of the 6A football playoffs

• In the pilot program for home field advantage, if opponents have the same district finish the two teams will flip a coin or agree on a neutral site the first round of the 6A football playoffs.

• Create a split conference alignment for 5A football in 2018-2020 alignments.

• Create a pilot program to allow the authorization of the UIL an exception to Friday night live telecast of a maximum of two regular season football games on September 1, 2017.

General changes were:

• Extend the current exceptions for graduating seniors in baseball and softball to continue to participate after the end of the school year to additional activities.

• Allow schools to request an exception to the holiday restrictions on travel during the winter holiday period when safety concerns exist related to travel.

• Update the Reclassification and Realignment Policies for 2018-2020 alignments.

• Remove requirement for a parent to sign the PAPF in front of a school administrator or notary.

• Amend the PAPF Section III to only require a DEC hearing if question six is marked “Yes:

• Amend the PAPF Section III if any of questions 1-5 are marked “Yes”, a full meeting of the DEC would be required only if requested by a member of the committee.

• Clarify participation opportunities for students attending non-disciplinary alternative schools. This now requires a form to complete and submit.

• Restore the allowable number of tournaments/meets for all sports with the exception of football.

• Include the fee schedule for pay of officials at the state championship contests in team sports in section 1204 of the Constitution and Contest Rules.

• Require Sports officials submit background checks every three years, as required by law.

• Requires all foreign exchange students to apply for a parent residence rule waiver before district certification.

• Remove the ability to request and receive a retroactive waiver for a foreign exchange student.

• Allow the executive director to settle disputes regarding assignment, scratches or pay of sports in the short term, when time is determined to be of the essence, after consulting with the Chair of the Sports Officials Committee.

Team Tennis

• Alter the playoff structure and athletic regulations as the pertain to mid-point sites for post season contests. Unless noted otherwise, effective Aug. 1.


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