Troup students deliver presents to seniors


Students in the gifted and talented program at Troup Elementary adopted several seniors at Oak Brook for Christmas. In three weeks of fund-raising, the school had raised $600 for gifts for the seniors, according to teacher Amber Lowry, who is over the gifted and talented program.

The students sang Christmas songs and gave presents to the adopted grandparents, even helping to unwrap some of them.

“Suzanne Waits helps with the songs and teaching the hand motions,” Lesley Hartmann stated. Hartmann is a dyslexia teacher who assists Lowry with the adoption program. She stated the adoption was an annual event.

“For the last two or three years, we’ve just collected monetary donations and Amber does the shopping,” Hartmann said. “The students do the wrapping.”

“Oak Brook sends us a list and we adopt them,” Lowry stated.

Though the students from Troup usually adopt the same residents from year to year, this was the first year for the group to adopt two new people, according to Lowry.

“The most unusual gift was a corn cob pipe,” reported Lowry.

A man among the adopted seniors smokes a corn cob pipe so a new one was purchased for him.

Shanna Kennedy, activity director at Oak Brook, stated there are several groups and individuals who adopt seniors in the center during Christmas.

“Some [seniors] have no family left,” Kennedy explained, indicating that the gifts from these groups are all those seniors will receive at Christmas.

“Students at Cain have adopted ten,” Kennedy said. “We have several churches throughout the Whitehouse area who have gotten involved.”

“We had a party on the fourteenth [of December], our resident family Christmas party, and the families really came through,” Kennedy said. “Everybody got a gift that night.”

“We have been very, very blessed,” Kennedy concluded.


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