Troup second at Rusk powerlifting meet


Led by Katie York, the Troup powerlifting teams placed second in the Rusk powerlifting meet Saturday, Feb. 3.

The Lady Tigers scored 26 points for second place behind Elkhart, which garnered 40 points. For the boys, Troup missed first place by a point with 24 points to Elkhart’s 25 points.

In the 132-pound class, York captured first place with lifts of 345 pounds in the squat, 135 pounds in the bench press and 270 pounds in the deadlift for a total weight of 750 pounds.

Alondra Salinas placed second in the 259-plus class with a weight total of 730 pounds. She had lifts of 315 in the squat, 165 in the bench and 250 in the deadlift.

Jalyce Dennis had lifts of 350 (squat), 165 (bench) and 360 (deadlift) for a second place total of 875 pounds in the 220-pound class. In the 198-pound class, Maryssa Gilliam placed second with lifts of 325 (squat), 145 (bench) and 275 (deadlift) for a total weight of 645 pounds. Also, Jennifer Gatlin placed third in the 97-pound class with lifts of 135, 75 and 170 for a total weight of 380 pounds.

Ramiro Martinez finished second in the 181-pound class for the boys with lifts of 500, 310, 540 for a total of 1,350 pounds; Michael Zuniga placed second in the 165-pound class with lifts of 440, 255, 410 for a total of 1,105 pounds; and Calob Smith placed second in the 148-pound class with lifts of 445, 220, 360 and a weight total of 1,025 pounds.

Collecting third place honors were Tristan Clark with lifts of 460, 285, 515 for a weight total of 1,260 in the 181-pound class; Bryce Attaway in the 165-pound class with lifts of 425, 250, 415 for a total of 1,090 pounds; and Chadd Cole with a total of 1,000 pounds that included lifts of 390, 215 and 395 in the 148-pound class.

Also for the Troup girls, Randi Wilson placed fifth in the 198-pound class with lifts of 255, 150 and 300 for a total of 705 pounds; Marianna Gatlin placed fifth in the 148-pound class with lifts of 225, 110 and 250 for weight total of 585 pounds; Kaitlin Hays had lifts of 210, 80 and 175 for 465 pounds and fifth place in the 114-pound class; Francis Zuniga was seventh in the 132-pound class with lifts of 170, 65, 205 pounds for a total of 440 pounds; Alexis Shelton placed eighth in the 165-pound class with a total weight of 545 pounds that included lifts of 225, 115 and 205; and Madison Whitton placed 12th in the 123-pound class with lifts of 150, 65, 185 for a total of 400 pounds.

Placing for the Troup boys also included Eduardo Rojo, 10th in the 148-pound class with lifts of 250, 185, 330 for a total of 765; Jose Gonzalez, 11th in the 148-pound class (250, 150, 315-715 pounds); Augustin Jaimes, 16th in the 242-pound class (335, 200, 320-855 pounds); Gonzolo Rojo, 16th in the 220-pound class (395, 0, 310-705 pounds); Anthony SantaMaria, 18th in the 220-pound class (345, 0, 320-665 pounds); and Jeremiah Ramirez, 19th in the 165-pound class (240, 155, 250-645 pounds).


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