TJC receives OK for additional baccalaureate degree


Tyler Junior College has received approval from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for an additional baccalaureate degree. On Thursday, July 26, THECB notified college officials of the decision to approve the college’s proposed Bachelor of Applied Technology (BAT) in Healthcare Technologies and Medical Systems.

The new BAT Completion Program adds the expertise in health care systems management, finance, medical staff roles and responsibilities, reimbursement mechanisms, electronic medical recording and privacy and legal issues related to the health care industry. This builds on and is a completion degree for TJC’s current Associate of Applied Science in Healthcare Administration, which trains for the practical skills needed in critical thinking, information utilization, and fundamental competencies in health care management principles.

A baccalaureate-prepared health care manager is a critical professional who uses advanced management principles for health care facilities, technological innovation in the delivery of health care services, health information processing technology, and understanding of government regulations to ensure high quality and affordable health care.

The health care sector continues to change with advances in technology and new standards of care, new business models, a growing population and changing demographics.

Texas Workforce Commission lists medical and health service managers as the fifth most-needed occupation, with more than 875 job openings in Smith County last year. In the East Texas region, there is a projected 30 percent increase in medical and health care services management positions over the next 10 years.

The new BAT degree also prepares graduates for gainful employment and promotion opportunities. The TJC Board of Trustees, as elected officials for the institution, are committed to the role of a premier college, and the faculty and staff remain focused on student and community success.

Dr. Juan E. Mejia, TJC’s president for branch locations and district provost, served as one of the state’s pioneers in the establishment of bachelor degrees by community colleges in the state of Texas.


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