Have you ever noticed there are many sayings that have to do with time?

He’s got all the time in the world. We’re ahead of time. There’s no time like the present. It’s only a matter of time. It’s about time. I’m pressed for time. I’m running out of time. It’s a race against time.

I’m certain there are many more idioms you could think of if just given enough time.

Maybe it’s because January is gone and I can’t believe we have already arrived at the second month of 2018 that I’m thinking about time. While some of us have too much time on our hands, others simply can’t find the time to get things done and I just don’t know how that works.

I understand that time can drag by when you are worn out and ready to end the work day. That stems from glancing at the clock in anticipation of a specific time. Time stands still.

Unfortunately, time flies when you’re having fun. That’s because you are enjoying yourself and not constantly checking the time.

I think I even understand how a year can be shorter and shorter as one grows older. For one-year-olds, a single year is 100 percent of their lifetime. A year is only 10 percent of a 10-year-old’s life. By the time you reach 20, a year is only 5 percent. As you age, each year decreases in the percentage of your entire lifespan, making them seem to pass more quickly. I don’t think I’ll tell you what percentage a year is in my life.

Yet, every one of us has the same number of hours, minutes and seconds in a day to spend as we choose. If we prioritize the people and things important in our lives then maybe instead of saying we don’t have enough time, we would simply make the time.


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