Tigers second at Sabine meet


Seven Troup powerlifters won their class at the Bo Bates Invitational meet in Sabine Saturday, Jan. 27.

The boy’s team finished second with 35 points and the Lady Tigers places sixth with 17 points.

Illness and soreness were factors contributing to the “bomb outs,” according to head powerlifting coach Brian Lawson.

Chadd Cole won the 148-pound class with a total weight of 975 pounds, including lifts of 370 pounds in the squat, 220 in the bench press and 385 in the deadlift.

Michael Zuniga was the top lifter in the 165-pound class with lifts of 415 (squat), 255 (bench press) and 360 (deadlift) for a total lift of 1,030.

Ramiro Martinez captured first place in the 181-pound class. He had lifts of 475, 290 and 550 for a total of 1,315 pounds.

In the 220-pound class, Trent Allen took first place with a total of 1,425 and included lifts of 595, 325 and 505 pounds.

Also for the Tigers, Malik Gilliam won the super heavy-weight and had the second best weight total in the meet with 1,465 pounds. His lifts included 700 in the squat, 330 in the bench and 435 in the deadlift.

Eduardo Rojo placed third in the 148-pound class with lifts of 250, 170 and 325 for a total of 745 pounds. In the same class, John Ford placed fifth with lifts of 250, 155, 255 for a total of 660 pounds, and Caleb Smith had lifts of 425, 205, BO for a total of 630 pounds.

Jeremiah Ramirez placed fifth in the 165-pound class with lifts of 230, 155 and 250 for a total of 635 pounds; Anthony Santa-Maria placed sixth in the 220-pound class with lifts of 325, 240 and 320 for a total of 885 pounds; and Augustin Jaimes placed seventh in the 242-pound class with lifts of 325, 185 and 300 for a total of 810 pounds. Gonzalo Rojo also participated in the meet.

Jennifer Gatlin won the 97-pound class in the girls division. She had lifts of 135 in the squat, 70 in the bench press and 155 in the deadlift for a total of 360 pounds.

In the 220-pound class, Jalyce Dennis had lifts of 325 in the squat, 180 in the bench press and 340 in the squat for a total of 845 pounds and first place.

Kaitlyn Hays placed third in the 114-pound class with lifts of 195, 90 and 180 for a total of 465 pounds, and Randi Wilson placed third in the 198-pound class with lifts of 325, 180 and 340 for a total weight of 845 pounds.

Madison Whitton, Francis Zuniga, Katie York, Rheme Pitts, Mariana Gatlin, Alexis Shelton, Maryssa Gilliam and Alondra Salinas also participated in the meet.

The team standings for the boys included Lindale 41, Troup 36, Frankston 28, Center 24, Sabine 23, White Oak 8, Spring Hill 6, Jefferson 3, Hawkins 2, Mount Enterprise 0; and Overton 0.

For the girls, the team standings were Lindale 38, Union Grove 27, Center 27, Frankston 20, Troup 17, Overton 10, Hawkins 8, White Oak 7, Mount Enterprise 5, Spring Hill 2, and Jefferson 0.


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