Letter to the Editor

The Waving Man


About a month ago, I was driving north out of Whitehouse on 110 and saw a man walking south on the eastbound side waving to random cars as they drove by. At first I thought he was hailing a ride, and I felt it a bit “odd” that he would be waving at random cars. Day after day, I have seen the same man waving again to random cars along the way. Sometimes I also see him picking up trash. 

This basic neighborly gesture is a nice thing to do, yet sadly I do not see very many drivers waving back to this gentleman. Perhaps they also feel it is a bit odd to have a random person waving to you in the car.  When did it become “odd” to wave to your neighbor? What a pity!

I have started waving back, to send a little bit of “happy” back to the gentleman in appreciation for his expression of neighborly friendliness. I do not know this man, nor am I aware of his personal story. Yet I have started to look forward to seeing him every morning.  I don’t know why he decided to start walking south on the eastbound side of 110 between 7 to 7:45 in the morning. All I can do is say a friendly “thank you” to this gentleman for having the courage to be counter-cultural.  I hope everyone who reads this starts waving back. 

Janet Hurley



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