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The little things


We’ve probably all heard the phrase, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” I have heard and even thought the saying was teaching us not to let the little things bother us. Unfortunately, it is precisely the “little things” that tend to frustrate us. Or is it that they just frustrate me?

While we might be aware that the “small stuff” shouldn’t bother us, how do we keep from letting it do so? There is a principle taught in scripture. Bad habits should be replaced with good ones.

When the alarm doesn’t wake you because you forgot to turn it on, don’t start the day with worry about how you are going to get where you are going or get done what you need to do. Remember that you did wake up, you are alive and you can still accomplish your to do list, even if it is a little behind schedule.

When the water runs cold in the shower each morning, don’t complain that it takes a while to warm up. Remember to be grateful that you have clean running water that comes right into your home. Many people walk miles to get water from dirty streams.

When there is an ongoing cacophony of sound, whether your child is playing a video game or there is a train whistle blowing by your house at night, you could gripe about the noise. Or, you could be thankful that the noise is temporary rather than silence being your permanent state.

These are just a few of the “little things” that tend to bother me and what I try to remind myself so I “don’t sweat the small stuff,” but live rather with an attitude of gratitude. What small stuff bothers you and what can you find to be thankful for instead?

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