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Teaching a lefty


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I had a task this weekend that was pretty much a fail. I was trying to help JD bat, and he is a lefty.

While I was a pretty fair softball player in my youth and I played baseball with a neighborhood full of boys, that did not completely prepare me to teach a lefty to bat.

JD has decided he really wants to learn to play ball so we graduated up from the whiffle ball and plastic bat. We came out of Academy Sunday afternoon with a bat, two balls, a tee, a batting helmet and a right-handed glove (meaning the glove goes on the right hand so you can throw with your left hand - that always confused me!)

At the height of humidity on Monday, wet grass and all, we proceeded to the back yard for a few lessons. Zu and Pa did not go empty handed. I still have the glove that I played with as a kid and even later playing co-ed softball. Pa’s glove is somewhere in a whole bag of baseball/softball paraphernalia but he did have his dad’s glove handy.

At first I let the big guy and the little guy do their thing and I manned the cell phone camera. I can’t tell you how many videos I deleted until I got at least two good ones where he caught the ball.

Next was batting. I thought I’d rest the camera and try my hand at helping him with his stance, where to hold the bat, how to decide how far he needed to be from the plate and all that jazz.

Everything was going pretty well until I tried that first swing, batting left handed. Let’s just say it was entirely unsuccessful. We all had a good laugh.

With a little practice I improved and when JD made solid contact with that ball, he had Pa running until his tongue was hanging out.

We had a great time and I learned a lesson about teaching a lefty, get another lefty to help next time.

Play ball!

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