TCDC votes to match splash park donations


After attending to what could be referred to as housekeeping measures, including the review and approval of the monthly financial statement and previous meeting minutes, the Troup Community Development Corporation recessed their Monday, June 18, meeting to hold a public hearing.

The topic of the hearing was the proposal to use TCDC funds to match public donations towards the splash park up to the amount of $13,250, as a project.

No residents spoke to the proposal either for or against. Once the hearing was closed and the board meeting reconvened, the matching funds project was approved.

Though the amount for matching funds was approved up to $13,250, the actual amount to be used is dependent upon the donations received by the public.

The total amount of funds remaining for the city to raise towards the construction of the splash park was $40,000 following the $100,000 donation of an anonymous donor. Of that, $20,217 has currently been donated or pledged to the construction of the splash park. This leaves an amount of $19,783 to be raised, though the $13,250 in TCDC matching funds is anticipated to be an incentive which will spur more community donations.

For those wishing to make a contribution, contact Suzanne Loudamy at (903) 574-3728, or visit the city’s website at where you will be directed to an online donation page.

The executive director’s report by Suzanne Loudamy indicated a grant which had been applied for in connection with a walking trail project had been denied.

A more positive portion of the report stated the City of Troup had received recognition for transparency in government, earning the Comptroller’s Transparency Stars in the area of Traditional Finance. (See related article, p. 5)

Bryan Johnson of the Brannon Corporation, an engineering firm in Tyler, presented schematics of the downtown sidewalk project under consideration by the TCDC. The drawings indicated sets of steps between buildings with more level landings in front of each shop. Ramps and railings were also included.

Though some curbing may remain, the sidewalks would be completely reconstructed. Johnson did note that work would be done in stages, completing an area before moving to the next section, in an effort to minimize disruption to local merchants.


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