Supreme Court denies Whitehouse woman’s appeal in murder charge


The United States Supreme Court, on Monday, Oct. 30, denied a request to review the case of Kimberly Cargill, according to the court’s website.

Cargill, as reported in “Tri County Leader” July 2010, was originally arrested “on charges of felony injury to a child,” after which she was jailed when “the investigation widened to include the death of Cherry Walker, 29, whose body was found June 19 on County Road 2191.” According to TCL archives, Walker’s body was found “just five days before she was set to testify in a Child Protective Services hearing regarding Cargill’s abuse charges.”

In June 2012, “Tri County Leader” reported Cargill, then 45, of Whitehouse, was found guilty of murdering her babysitter. “Smith County Attorney Matt Bingham presented evidence during the punishment phase” and “was seeking the death penalty in the case officiated by Judge Jack Skeen Jr.”

Cargill testified that she “was with her babysitter in a vehicle when Walker supposedly suffered a seizure” when she “panicked and dumped Walker’s body along the side of County Road 2191 or Oscar Burkett Road,” according to TCL archives.

TCL also reported in 2012 the legal team for Cargill “presented evidence that included prescription drugs and mental disorders in an attempt to provide a reason for Cargill’s actions.”

Reports from TLC archives further stated, “Family members and former friends described Cargill as prone to violence and testified that she even choked her children.”

Cargill remains on death row, though no date has been set for her execution.


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