Students’ lemonade stand supports Troup splash pad


The City of Troup has received a $100,000 donation towards the building of a splash pad and local school children have helped to raise a portion of the estimated $40,000 remaining to complete its construction.

Troup Community Development Corporation (TCDC) Executive Director Suzanne Loudamy was tasked with heading fund-raising efforts for the splash park and says the community is responding to the social media posts, advertising and word-of-mouth going around town.

“The community is excited about the project of the splash park,” Loudamy said. “They are stepping up to take ownership in the project.”

Second-grade students at Troup Elementary ran a lemonade stand Friday, May 18, and gave the proceeds to the TCDC to help construct the community splash pad.

Misti Owens, a second-grade teacher, explained the concept and purpose of the lemonade stand.

“Five years ago, the second-grade teachers decided to have a lemonade stand to do an engaging cross-curriculum project that would cover our math, reading, and Social Studies TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) that would provide real world experiences,” she said. “In the past, we have raised money for our custodians having surgery or a fellow student needing a service dog, but this year we decided to provide all the students of Troup Elementary an opportunity to have a part in raising funds for the splash pad and giving back to their community. We want the second-grade students to feel proud of their hard work and gain an understanding of what it means to give to others. We want them take ownership in supporting the splash pad, so when they are playing there, they can think about how they helped make this happen.”

Participation in the annual lemonade stand supports 33 TEKS assessments, according to Heather Derrick, another second-grade teacher. Students even had to apply for the various jobs related to running the stand, including making change, pouring the drinks and keeping data on the sales so classes could later create bar graphs to study. Students had to state in their applications their desired positions, what skills they had related to that position, what would make them good employees and why they wanted the specified jobs.

Monday, May 21, several students representing the various second-grade classes presented the TCDC with a check in the amount of $937.40, the total proceeds from the lemonade stand.

“We are thrilled that the second-graders are having this sale,” TCDC President Gary Salyer said. “The splash park will be a great asset for Troup and we look forward to seeing kids in Troup enjoy it for years to come.”


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