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Technology has advanced quite a bit over the last few decades and can now serve a variety of purposes. I remember the time when desk top computers required most of your desk top space. Now they are small enough to be portable.

Maybe I’m just being wistful, but I also remember a time when an argument or fight was usually over and done and forgotten in a day or two. Now, people post their grievances online through a variety of social media platforms. Rather than allowing the event to fade away, this just stirs the pot, perpetuating arguments and hurt feelings.

Too many of our children (and some adults, too) haven’t a clue as to the best practices for using social media. You should never post personal information online or state when and where you will be going on vacation. Such information leaves you vulnerable to theft and fraud.

Always remember that once you have placed something on the internet, it is there to stay.

Recent threats to local schools have been made via Snapchat. I believe these people believe since the post “times out” or goes away anytime between a few seconds to 24 hours (depending on individual user settings), they believe it is as if the post never existed. But, it can be traced to those who use them for foolish pranks and real threats.

I implore all parents reading this to talk to your children about safe uses of social media – what they should and shouldn’t post as well as future consequences of their posts, intended or not. While you are having that conversation, could you also ask them not to post every meal they eat?


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