Smith County grand jury indicts Arp, Troup, Whitehouse residents


Smith County grand juries returned with several indictments over the past few weeks. Many of those were local to this area.

In the 114th Judicial District that met on March 3 decisions came in on four listed from Arp, Troup and Whitehouse.

Sergio Fonza-Carey AKA Sergio Carey of Arp was indicted on three counts of Forgery. He was arrested Dec. 13, 2016, by Troup PD.

Lindsey McPhearson, 33-year-old female from Whitehouse, was indicted on one count of Manufacture/Delivery of a Controlled Substance and two counts of Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Felon. Smith County Sheriff’s Office made the arrest on Jan. 9.

Chelsea Remedies of Whitehouse, age 25, was jailed and indicted for one count of Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle and one count of Possession of a Controlled Substance.

James Shuttlesworth of Troup remained in jail following his indictment for Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle.

On March 23 the Smith County grand jury met for the 241st Judicial District Court and brought down these indictments on locals.

Dustin Hammett, 35, of Whitehouse, was indicted for Possession of a Controlled Substance. His arrest by the Smith County Sheriff’s Office came on Nov. 18, 2016.

Another Whitehouse resident, William Socia, 41, received an indictment for Driving While Intoxicated. Whitehouse PD made that arrest on Nov. 6, 2016.

Seated again on March 30 for the 114th Judicial District Court, the grand jury indicted Henry Paul Hammack, 60, of Troup for Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity and Tampering with or Fabricating Physical Evidence. His arrest came on Dec. 15, 2016. Co-defendants listed along with Hammack were John Borgstedt of Ben Wheeler and Jason Rankin. Borgstedt was indicted for Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity. No indictment was listed for Rankin.

Smith County grand jury from the 114th Judicial District Court which met on April 13 only indicated one local indictment. That was Mark Johnson, 49, of Whitehouse. He was arrested on Feb. 12, 2016. His charge was for Fraud – Possession of a Controlled Substance/Prescription.


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