Seniors say goodbye at Wildcat ceremony


The class of 2018 seniors graduating Whitehouse High School totaled 339 students. Commencement ceremonies took place in the C.L. Nix Wildcat Arena Saturday, June 2.

During her salutatorian address, Tess Hamilton thanked many family, friends and teachers for what they meant to her during her high school years and what they had taught her.

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well,” Hamilton quoted Ralph Waldo Emerson in her concluding remarks. “So, class of 2018, go live life well.”

Valedictorian Alex Baham began by acknowledging the struggles and fears common to her classmates.

“Throughout the last 13 years, all of us have had to do things that have scared us or that have made us unsure of ourselves,” Baham said. “From the first day of kindergarten to the nervousness of junior high and the uncertainty of high school, we have had to face an assortment of fears. But, with courage and determination, as well as with great motivation from family and friends and teachers, we are here today as accomplished graduates.”

Baham then thanked her parents, sister, friends and teachers for the role and impact they each had on her life.

“Let your fear of the unknown be your motivation to face challenges with passion, dedication and, in the words of Michael Scott, maybe a dash of razzle-dazzle,” Baham concluded after several encouraging statements.

Dr. Jonathan Campbell then presented the class of 2018.

“The senior class of 2018 has done all the things we have come to expect of graduates of Whitehouse High School,” Campbell commented. He then noted that over four million dollars worth of scholarships had been earned by the graduating class of 2018. He also mentioned a number of colleges as well as the many military branches where students had been accepted.

“As most of you know, this is my grand finale here at WHS, I will forever cherish my time here,” Campbell concluded his remarks.

Superintendent Dr. Christopher Moran then congratulated and addressed the senior class of 2018 before the presentation of diplomas.

Moran reminded the graduates they each have a purpose, to set a direction for their lives and get moving, and finally, to play the hand they’d been dealt.

After the graduates received their diplomas, Favor Thomas offered closing remarks before the graduates sang the school song one final time.

“My fellow graduates, the fact that we have made it here today is evidence of our aim for success, our perseverance and the grace of God,” Thomas stated. “We don’t have to know what is coming next but with God on our side, all things are possible.”

The final thoughts Thomas shared were about perseverance and she concluded her statements by asking her fellow-graduates to “keep in mind that quitters never win and winners never quit.”


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