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When asked which season I like best, I find myself confused about my answer. I tend to say that winter is my favorite season but the truth is there are things I love about every season.

In the summer, I can enjoy a much more relaxed pace. I am not driven by a schedule that requires me to be anywhere at any particular time. I can sleep late, spend my days with my children, read or watch movies, veg out in front of the television with my kids, or if necessary, catch up on all the projects I did not have time for during the school year. I can stay up late, go get ice cream cones or snow cones, take naps and go on a quick trip with my family if the budget allows. In short, I like the lazy days of summer because I can be lazy!

By the time summer is winding to a close, I am geared up and ready to get back into a routine. I tend to enjoy having a schedule (after weeks of laziness) and I love the fresh start of a new school year. Meeting my new students, hearing about their summer camps and vacations, seeing their excitement as they begin new classes…it’s all such fun! Registering my own kids for school, filling out all the paperwork to get them started again, and watching their eagerness when they pick up their class schedule is exciting! Plus, I love all things related to the fall – football and marching band season, pumpkin flavored everything, the smell of burning leaves, and new school supplies!

Toward the end of the fall, I am giddy for the holidays to arrive. Pretty much everything from early November until January first is my very favorite time of the year. And in that timeframe, we have the first day of winter. While our winters are definitely not your typical ‘real’ winters like our friends to the north see, I love our crazy Texas winters. Since it is blazing hot and insanely humid about nine months out of the year, I get really excited when our temperatures drop below seventy degrees and some cool winds blow here. Once every few years, when we have some of that cold white stuff fall from the sky, I am in hog heaven! I suppose I might feel differently if I lived in a place where snow stayed on the ground for longer than two days at a time or where it fell repeatedly for months at a time. Living in east Texas, however, that’s never been the case, so I am elated when I see it in the forecast.

By the end of winter, I tend to get a case of spring fever. I’m not sure if that is because I’m exhausted and longing for those lazy summer days to hurry up and arrive, or if I’m excited about the changing weather that turns the brown grass green again and gives me a chance to plant flowers! I love spring for both of those reasons. Seeing the first tiny sprig of bright green grass push through the crunchy leaves on the ground is sort of a spiritual experience for me. I see so many parallels between it and my faith—being made new, getting a second chance, coming back to life after a harsh death. Easter also comes in the springtime, celebrating the most prominent day in Christianity, so that is a special time for me. But working in the education field, we all hit a proverbial wall in the springtime where we are all ‘done’ and ready for testing and classroom time to be over. We are all longing for a break….which leads me right back to the summer.

So, you see what I mean about my confusion about having a favorite season! What season is your favorite, and why?


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