Schools get accountability marks for 2017

Cain, Stanton-Smith earn all distinctions


The Texas Education Agency recently released the 2017 state accountability ratings and distinction designations applicable to each individual school. Distinction designations are awarded to campuses based on achievement in performance indicators relative to a group of 40 campuses of similar type, size, and student demographics. Depending on campus grade levels and type, the number of potential distinction designations can vary. 

Up to seven distinction designations can be earned for Academic Achievement in English Language Arts/Reading; Academic Achievement in Mathematics; Academic Achievement in Science; Academic Achievement in Social Studies; Top 25 Percent: Student Progress; Top 25 Percent: Closing Performance Gaps; and Postsecondary Readiness.

All schools within the Arp, Troup and Whitehouse school districts received a Met Standard rating. To receive a Met Standard rating, districts and campuses must meet target scores in student achievement or student progress, and both closing performance gaps and postsecondary readiness.

All schools in Arp and Troup earned at least one distinction. Arp Elementary received 1 out of 6 distinctions; Arp Junior High received 2 out of 7 distinctions; and Arp High School received 2 out of 7 distinctions. Troup Elementary received 4 out of 6 distinctions; Troup Middle School received 5 out of 7 distinctions; and Troup High School received 2 out of 7 distinctions.

Almost all schools within the Whitehouse ISD received distinctions as well.

“WISD is very focused on student growth and preparing students for the real world after high school,” Superintendent Dr. Chris Moran. “We also recognize that the community of Whitehouse wants what is best for our students. WISD values accountability and feedback we receive from state assessments and believe we should consider those results to ensure our students do not have gaps in their learning. We believe every one of our students can learn at high levels and fulfill their potential.”

Two elementary schools, Cain Elementary and Stanton-Smith Elementary, both achieved full marks with 6 out of 6 distinctions.

“Cain and Stanton-Smith Elementary Schools are leading the way and are recognized for outstanding academic performance,” Moran said.

“At Cain Elementary we practice the No Excuses University philosophy and our association with this great network has helped us to focus on exceptional systems and how we operate and work as a united team,” Cain Elementary Principal Sandi Jones said. “Also, we have great support at the district level which helps Cain continue to exceed state standards, claim distinctions and lead to last year’s designation as a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.  As a principal I am blessed to work alongside superior teachers that focus on every child, every day.”

Stanton-Smith Elementary Principal Sterling Haskell also had praise for his school.

“The news of receiving all six distinctions is something we have been working towards, as a campus, and it was so exciting to have that goal come true this year,” Haskell said. “The staff and students have worked so hard, and they are starting to reap some of the rewards for their efforts. We have high expectations, here at Stanton-Smith when it comes to behavior and academics and because of those expectations from administration, teachers, parents and students Stanton-Smith has excelled in many areas.”

Mozelle Brown Elementary received 1 out of 6 distinctions, and Higgins Elementary earned 2 out of 6 distinctions. Whitehouse Junior High achieved 5 out of 7 distinctions and Whitehouse High School received 3 out of 7 distinctions. Holloway Sixth Grade School met standard but did not earn any distinctions.

“Each campus and the district has the opportunity to earn distinctions through the system,” Moran said, “and we are paying attention to those indicators to be sure we continue to challenge our students every day. We are very proud for our teachers and continue to look for ways to support them as they do the great work with our students.”


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