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School supplies


It seems like school just let out for summer and school supplies are already back on store shelves. With my youngest now in college, we no longer need glue sticks, crayons or pencil boxes though there are a few items my son can still use.

I haven’t attended school at any level for quite some time, though I won’t reveal exactly how long. I do, however still use spiral notebooks, pens and highlighters so the back-to-school aisles are convenient.

I have several friends who teach in the public school system though not nearby. I know they often spend money out of their own pockets to ready their classrooms each year and to replenish supplies students have exhausted.

In honor of the school teachers I know and because I believe education is important, I usually pick up a few school supplies when I’m out shopping. I will usually give them to a non-profit group that is collecting supplies for local school children. (Currently in Whitehouse, the food pantry and Whitehouse First Assembly are conducting such drives.) Of course, supplies can also be taken directly to school campuses. None have ever refused to accept items from me in the past.

I know when our three were growing up and the supply list seemed endless, I used to think I couldn’t afford the “free” education the state offered. Having “been there,” I find a few extra supplies to help out others isn’t so much to ask.

So, I’m asking. If you can afford to purchase a few basic school supply items to help those in need, will you do so?

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