Letter To The Editor

Rude behavior


Dear Editor,

On Aug. 6, 2016, I, my mother, my grandmother and my two aunts were planning on spending the day together and going to some thrift stores. We started out in Whitehouse and the first place we stopped was The Bargain Barn.

None of us had ever shopped there before. We all went in and went our separate directions looking at different things. After looking around the store, my aunt was inquiring about a fabric recliner chair, actually it was an electronic lift chair.

There was no price on this chair anywhere. My aunt asked the employee about the chair and if it worked. The employee got an extension cord, plugged it in and raised/lowered the chair. At this point, my aunt asked the employee how much the chair was. The employee told my aunt $50. My aunt said that she wanted it. She gave the employee her card and he swiped it and gave her a receipt. We told him that we would be back before they closed to pick it up.

We left and went to some other thrift stores while still in Whitehouse. While shopping, my aunt, who bought the fabric chair, received a phone call from the employee at The Bargain Barn. She was informed that he (the employee) had spoken with the owner, Roy Cecil Burkett, of The Bargain Barn and was told that the chair wasn’t $50, it was $200.

So, if she still wanted the chair, she would need to come back by the store and pay the $150 difference. We returned to the store to try to resolve the problem. The owner was called and spoke with myself and one of my aunts. We told the owner that we had a bill of sale and contract with the store for the chair. The owner became irate, screaming obscenities, threatening to call the police and ordering us out of The Bargain Barn.

The owner bullied us; we were upset and frightened so we called the police ourselves. We were relieved that the local police arrived before the owner did, only to be told that this is a civil matter not a criminal matter.

Out of our many years of shopping in thrift stores, which we love to do, all over the USA, we have NEVER been treated so rudely and wrongly as we were this day. This situation was handled so wrong on so many different levels by the owner. I can’t imagine a business owner treating PAYING customers this way. We didn’t try to “low ball” the price on the chair, it wasn’t marked, we asked a price, was told a price by the employee, agreed to the price, paid the price…..transaction complete….or so we thought. As much as we love to support the local small business my family and friends will never step foot in that store again!

Anita Mitchell, Tyler


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