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Rocketing through time


Guess what, y’all? It’s April. How can that be? We have blasted through January, February and March. We’ve passed up New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Spring break and April Fools’ Day, all in, seemingly, under a minute. Perhaps it’s been a smidge more than that, but it sure seems like we just blinked and made it from Christmas to Easter. Before we know it, we’ll be staring at the Fourth of July or Halloween.

As life goes, the longer I am walking this planet, the more I see this racing-through-time thing in every aspect of life. Last year, my oldest started Kindergarten at Cain and now she is talking about college graduation dates. My son was just playing instructional soccer at the YMCA and now I’m looking at dates for his senior pictures. My younger daughter was just born last month but now she’s planning for her driver’s license test. Weeks and months flash by and I wonder if I missed something along the way because it was all so quickly over.

My Monday through Friday job, as many of you know, is in a local junior high. I work with teenagers who make me laugh, cry and (sometimes!) pull my hair out. But even those sparkling little jewels that make me want to find new places to hide when I see them in the grocery store aisles seem to be growing and changing right before my eyes. As they learn new things and pass from one grade to the next, it seems like I hardly get to know them before they zip right out to the high school down the street.

Next month I will say good-bye to a student I’ve worked closely with for these past couple years when he graduates out of my school. He has pressed his way deeply into my heart and I will forever be a fan of his. But like kids do, he’s outgrown his need for me and it’s time to pass the reins and let someone else teach him. Fortunately, I will still be able to hang out with him in the summers and holiday breaks. No matter how much he challenges me some days, I love this kid like one of my own and am so grateful for these fleeting days I’ve been allowed to be a part of his world.

I guess all these things should not come as a surprise since the passing days are evident on my face, in the glittery hairs I try to cover with Mrs. Clairol’s medium brown, and the changing landscape of my body. Time must be marching forward because, last I remember, I was taking my own senior pictures and feeling nervous about my driver’s license, and now here I am with a four at the front of my age.

Heads up! It passes fast, kiddies. Enjoy the ride!

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