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Ribbit, ribbit


A few nights ago, I discovered an interesting new way to stay awake if you’re feeling drowsy. Who needs a 5 Hour Energy drink or a Red Bull if you have live animals in your bathroom late at night?

You see, I got out of bed and went to my bathroom at about one o’clock in the morning and discovered a small frog on the toilet tank. Thank goodness I turned on the light before it bounced onto my shoulder while I was using the facilities! But on the other hand, turning on the light meant jump starting my heart when I saw it disappear behind the toilet tank! Yikes!

While still doing an I-gotta-go-potty dance, I had to locate the frog, hiding on the backside of the tank and figure out how to get it out of there! I was holding my cell phone, so I turned on the flashlight and peered behind the tank. Sure enough, he was sitting on the back of the tank, his little heart thumping through his skin. I could see his whole body quivering because he was so scared. But honestly, I was pretty nervous, too, so I think our heartrates probably matched!

I grabbed one of the dozen books that stay on the back of my toilet and sort of waved it down behind the toilet tank. Fortunately, that worked! Mr. Froggy dropped to the floor behind my toilet. Now this is the part where most people would say to just pick him up and carry him outside. But that’s the thing. While I am not scared of frogs in an “eeeek” sort of way, I am a sort of creeped out about picking one up. First of all, they’re squishy and I’m afraid I will squeeze too hard and hurt them. But also, they tend to empty their bladder when they’re frightened and I don’t really want that in my hand! So while I had Mr. Froggy now on the floor, I was perplexed about how to then pick it up and get it out of my bathroom. (Mind you, I still needed to use the restroom and all of this seemed to be going in slow motion.) I ended up coaxing him into a bowl and carried him outside to go back to his froggy family.

Now you may ask the same thing I did. How on earth did a frog get into my bathroom? Upon doing some research, there are two ways. He either swam up the toilet after getting into the sewer system (likely at one of the drain pipes on the street) or he fell down from the vent pipe on the roof. The latter is a more likely explanation for me since our bathroom is located under the branches of a large tree and we often see and hear tree frogs in that tree. More than likely he fell into the pipe and climbed out of my toilet before I got into the bathroom. I’m not sure what would’ve shocked me more – finding him IN the toilet or on the back where he was when I found him! One thing’s for sure. No more late night trips to the bathroom without turning on the lights!


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