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Plans for the New Year


Yet another year has come to an end. There are only a few days left to celebrate, to remember and to mark time in 2017. What will this year’s end look like for you? Will you go to a New Year’s Eve party? Will you write a list of resolutions? Will you set goals for the coming year? Will you take time to journal and think on the things you planned to do this year and find strength, a sense of accomplishment and courage in those goals you met?

Last December, I was introduced to the idea of considering, praying about and pondering a word to focus on in the coming year. The idea is that you find a sort of theme word and attempt to funnel your life through the filter of this word for the coming year. While of course no one ever really knows what the future holds, I have watched friends select words in past years that tended to be positive, affirming, encouraging words. Late last December, I chose the word ‘restore’. After a rough year in 2016, restoration of some balance and normalcy in 2017 seemed appropriate. And what I haven’t been able to restore myself, I’ve been able to lean on my faith and family to find reconciliation this year. Truly, restoration has been a great theme word for me this year, so I am actively considering what next year’s will be.

I’ve learned that, for me anyway, writing resolutions for each new year is pointless. I can make lofty goals, write them beautifully in a list on fancy paper, use the finest pens or markers, but unless I have to read and re-read them every single day of the year, I will quickly forget, move on and pursue the next three hundred sixty-five days without them ever being on the radar again. How do you handle your annual goal setting?

I have heard of couples who sit down with their families and have a meeting at the beginning of January, pulling out calendars and agendas to fill in plans. They set up long-term and short-term goals for all family members, marking small baby steps to accomplish along the way throughout the year on their family calendars. I love this idea, but most of the time, I have trouble getting all of my family home at the same time, so a goal-setting meeting might be impossible.

What does your future look like this year? Do you have big plans? Will you just sit back and see what the days bring to you? It’s time to make those decisions. Just a few more days until 2018 is upon us!


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