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I recently had the privilege of attending the Troup Chamber of Commerce banquet honoring city and school employees. The guest speaker was Whitehouse resident John Moore.

During his speech he recalled trying to get his father to write down some of his memories, his stories. He told the audience that his father’s reply was, “Who’d want to read that?”

Moore emphasized that our stories are more important to our family and community than the stories of movie stars and others who may be famous, but are strangers.

Before my own mother passed from this life, I had given her a journal and a journal jar. The jar was nothing more than a just that, a glass jar. It did, however, have numerous journaling prompts on individual strips of paper. The purpose was for my mother to take one slip of paper each day, read the question or prompt and then write down her memories, her experiences and her advice.

I remember reading that same journal following her death. She had written down both the prompt drawn and her response to it. Not only did the memories and experience shared in that little book touch me, just seeing her handwriting meant something, too.

Unfortunately, she didn’t get very far in her journaling efforts and I wished she done more. I also haven’t seen that book in years so it may be time to visit dad.

Knowing what my mother’s thoughts, penned by her own hand, meant to me, it may be time for me to start a journal of my own to leave for my children. Although, my handwriting is pretty poor, so I may just let this column serve the same purpose – only much more neatly.

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