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Music can calm or stir the soul, depending on the type. I personally like many styles of music and can listen to a variety of rhythms and sounds from classical to southern gospel to contemporary Christian – which itself varies widely. What I listen to at any given moment often depends upon my mood at the time.

Good music is, however, a matter of personal taste. If there is a lot of loud screeching and no discernible lyrics, some may enjoy it as a musical genre, but I simply call it noise. Of course, there are some songs made for children that I also find annoying. In fact, my own children know that one of those songs is called “This is the Song that Never Ends” and have, on occasion, sung it for the sole sake of aggravating their mother.

Sometimes I’ve used music to get me through difficult situations. There are songs I know have positive and encouraging messages set to melodies I enjoy. These have lifted me up when I’m down. Other times, when I’ve been frustrated I have simply pounded out songs on the piano until I have calmed down and can play them as intended.

I find it amazing how music can move us. It can be depressing or it can inspire. Music can carry with it a sense of foreboding or it can calm anxiety and fear. Music can simply be background noise or it can help one focus. If you have never considered or simply don’t believe that music can have a great impact on emotion, try watching a familiar movie minus the soundtrack.

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