Ms. Smith goes to Austin


Whitehouse powerlifter Macy Smith signed a letter of intent to participate in the sport at UT Austin during a ceremony Friday, April 6, in The Arena at Whitehouse High School.

Smith finished 14th in the 123-pound class at the Texas High School State Powerlifting meet at Waco in March. She had lifts of 250 pounds in the squat, 150 pounds in the bench press and 300 pounds in the deadlift for a total of 700 pounds.

Parents, coaches, family members and fans attended last week’s ceremony.

“We’ve always been Longhorns. It’s an awesome university academically and that was one of the reasons why I chose it and it is pretty cool that it’s kind of a family tradition,” Smith said. “It’s a dream come true.”

Her father, Shawn Smith, and her mother, Melanie Moore, attended last week’s ceremony, as well as coaches Evan and Haley Beaton. UT recruiter Andie Hernandez also was present.

“Macy was the cornerstone, the foundation, of our girls program,” said coach Evan Beaton.

Macy’s older sister Sheridan Smith graduated from UT Austin and another older sister, Shelby Smith, is attending UT Austin.

“I would say it’s not just a guy sport. I would actually say that most people would be surprised at how many girls dominate that sport. Being at the state meet is just the most humbling experience, seeing how strong girls are and it’s actually really empowering, girls embracing that being strong is beautiful,” said Macy Smith, who will major in communications while attending UT Austin.

At the Region 3, Division I meet at Pine Tree High School, Smith placed second in her class division with lifts of 245 in the squat, 145 in the bench press and 275 in the deadlift. He efforts qualified her for the State meet.

Note: Michelle Dillon contributed to this article.


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