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Movie time


The date of this issue happens to be my birthday. Somehow, a tradition sprung up where my family would always see a movie for my birthday.

When my children were much younger there was a movie that came out just before my birthday. That movie was “Star Wars-The Phantom Menace.”

My husband and I had grown up watching the original trilogy of Star Wars films and my husband decided we just had to see the new release. Of course, it had to be viewed in the theater, on opening day.

We have often asked our children what they want to do for their birthdays. Since “The Phantom Menace” was released close to my birthday, the family suggested that seeing the movie is what we could do for mine.

I don’t remember what movie we saw the following year, but every year a film in the Star Wars franchise was released, that’s what we did for my birthday. We saw the new Star Wars movie.

Looking back, I suppose I now know why my children are a bit obsessed about Star Wars; they grew up watching the prequel trilogy during their formative years. While I did enjoy the Star Wars films as a child, I actually prefer Star Trek, but that’s probably a different story.

At some point in their young lives, my children realized that May was when a lot of new movies were released and decided to look for upcoming releases to choose what we should do for my birthday. Or rather, what we should see.

I haven’t kept track of all the films we have seen for my birthday so I couldn’t provide a list. However, I can tell you it looks like my husband, son and I will be continuing the tradition as I’m fairly certain they plan for us to see “Solo: A Star Wars Story” this weekend.

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