Motorcycle proclamation draws bikers to Troup council


The city council of Troup authorized Mayor Joe Carlyle to sign a proclamation declaring May as Motorcycle Awareness month for the City of Troup. Many riders, all members of the Region 9 Confederation of Clubs [COC], were present as the proclamation was approved and signed at the Monday, March 19, city council meeting.

The proclamation by Troup states in part, “it is the responsibility of all who put themselves behind the wheel, to become aware of motorcyclists, regarding them with the same respect as any other vehicle traveling the highways of this county.”

Several motorcyclists spoke of friends currently in the hospital because of motorcycle-vehicle crashes in which the vehicle driver stated, “I didn’t see him.” The riders then expressed their appreciation to the city for the effort to raise awareness concerning motorcycles on the roadways.

Brenda Daniels, one of the coordinators of motorcycle safety and awareness for the COC, originally requested the proclamation from the city.

“I would like to thank Troup, the mayor, and the city council for having us,” stated Daniels. “I’d like to tell drivers that all it takes is two seconds to look twice to make sure you’re not missing them [motorcyclists]. Drive more aware and without distractions.”

The council also voted to allow C.T. Brannon Corporation to complete the final design and advertise bids for the city’s water system improvements project. According to a city document, “the goal of this proposed project is to replace undersized, deteriorated water mains servicing the citizens of Troup specifically along East Paschal Street from south Front to the intersection of East Paschal and South Athena; thence, north along South Athena to the intersection of South Athena and East Duval. The proposed water line improvements are anticipated to also benefit the south eastern quadrant of the City of Troup by providing better distribution and delivery characteristics.”

Troup city manager Gene Cottle reported the independent bank account has been established to receive the $100,000 donation as specified by the anonymous donor. The money is to be used for a splash pad in Troup and the city will have 18 months to construct the facility from the time the donation is received. It was noted that the $100,000, though generous, was not enough to complete the project and additional funds would be necessary.

The council then approved a motion to pursue donations from the community and promote the splash pad project through TCDC and the Chamber of Commerce through the end of May.

Troup also entered into an inter-local agreement with Smith County for joint road repairs. Troup will pay for labor and materials and Smith County will complete the work.


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