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Mother’s Day


“Wake the neighbors! Get the word out! Come on, crank up the music, climb a mountain and shout! This is life we’ve been given, made to be lived out … so live out loud.”


Many of you will celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday either with your mother, remembering your mother or as a mother. While it may be just another of the greeting card industry’s made up days so you’ll buy their products, it is still a nice thing to do, taking a moment to honor our mothers.

My Mama left this earth in 1997. I was only 39 years old. She was much too young and so was I.

It was just last year that my mother-in-law, who became a second mother to me, went to her heavenly home.

I still miss them both almost every day. Things will happen or something pops into my head and I often think I should call and tell them. Then I remember I don’t have that calling plan on my phone. I’m a little sad for a minute, but it is usually followed up by a smile at the thought of them and I move on.

I have items in my home that are keepsakes or things that just remind me of them. Family photos, their bibles, a dish or even a spoon can spark a memory that takes me back to a kitchen that was always filled with love and usually a good helping of good food as well.

I have one thing of Mama’s that still can bring a tear to my eye. I try to always make it a happy tear, but it isn’t always. Sometimes I just ache to sit and talk with her again.

I have the bottle of perfume that belonged to her. It is Chloe. Only a small amount of the aromatic liquid remains in the bottle so I dare not use it. But I do, every now and then, gently pull off the top and put it close to my nose. With my eyes closed I take a slow, long sniff and my mind’s eye sees my Mama getting dressed, fixing her hair and make-up and as always, putting on just the right jewelry.

For that moment she is right there. I can see her. I can smell the sweet memory that brings me into her presence. The memory is sweet and short but it is very special.

I’ve thought about buying another bottle to wear myself but it just doesn’t seem right. It wouldn’t be the same.

Maybe you are like me and your mother is gone from your presence but never from your mind. Maybe your mother is still in your life. Maybe the memories of your mother are not so pleasant. Whatever your situation or your memory, if you can, make it special for her or for someone else you love.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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