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Men’s gifts


I hope I’m not alone in this, but I find that my husband is very difficult to buy presents for. The occasion doesn’t really matter, be it birthday, anniversary or Christmas.

It isn’t that I don’t know him. We’ve been married nearly 28 years and we’ve been together for 30 if you count the two years we dated before the wedding. It isn’t that he’s all that picky, either. He simply gets what he wants for himself when he sees it, assuming we can afford it.

I guess that’s the way men are. (Don’t tell me if it isn’t so. I’d have to find another excuse for him.) They decide they want something and go buy it. There’s no debating whether he really needs it. There’s no thinking ahead to what “extra” expenses might be coming up.

That last part might not be so bad now that our children are grown. We no longer have to buy shoes for every sport or rush to the store for last minute supplies for a school project the kids knew about weeks ago. Maybe worrying about those types of issues is just a mom thing. Anyway, I digress.

My husband will tell me he doesn’t want another movie, but will then bring home some title he found in the discount bin at Wal-Mart. He tells me he doesn’t need clothes, but then picks up a couple pair of jeans at a resale shop.

This past Christmas he literally bought his own gift. I had pestered him for ideas of something he would like and had been repeatedly told, “I don’t need anything.” Then one day I get a call at work. He asks if I’ve gotten him anything yet. Of course, I hadn’t. Then he wants to know if he can buy an archery target. I told him to let me know where he found it and I’d go get it. He simply said, “I’m already here looking at it. I’ll pick it up and then you can wrap it, put a bow on it or whatever.”

Well, today is his birthday. I have a card for him, so I hope he’s bought himself a nice present.


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