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Just last week I heard a radio personality opening a discussion on libraries. Something had been posted online about libraries being obsolete and the radio host wanted to hear opinions from listeners.

My children practically grew up in libraries and were there so often librarians knew them each by name. I’m sure it will come as no surprise then that I believe libraries are absolutely essential.

The online post reportedly stated the reason libraries were no longer necessary was due to the internet and online information being so readily available.

I don’t know whose opinion that is, but they most likely never have lived paycheck to paycheck. I have. They also must be able to afford the latest electronic gadgets. I can’t.

The computers at libraries are free to use, providing online tools to some that may not otherwise be able to access such information.

Of course, libraries have also have books that you don’t have to purchase in order to read. Librarians themselves are great resources and if they don’t have the answer you’re looking for, they can usually point you in the right direction.

It isn’t that libraries are just for people who don’t have a television in every room, a tablet for every child and the latest smart phone. Libraries often provide assistance with homework during the school year and reading and other programs during the summer which promote curiosity and learning.

The Cameron-J. Jarvis Library in Troup just concluded a series of money camps. The Whitehouse Community Library hosted representatives of the Tyler Zoo, who brought a few live animals along, and Dru Woods who allowed children the experience of being puppeteers.

For my own children, the library was a safe place and home-away-from-home. They were comfortable in libraries, choosing their own books, performing their own research and participating in offered programs.

If there is one thing about libraries that makes them worth every penny to me, it’s this. Learning at the library wasn’t a chore for my children; it was a delight.


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