Letters to the Editor


Rock-a-bye roads

There are too many of these rock-a-bye roads in our part of NE Texas. Very uneven, roads that roll every 10 feet, in some places, e.g. State Hwy 110 between Troup and New Summerfield. My mother, at 100, hated that road. She’d groan and yelp, as if in torture.

Another rock-a-bye road is a cut thru from State 110 to State 135. Terrible, with curves and no passing for long stretches, and rolling.

But, worse of all is the current rebuilding of State 79, a section between New Summerfield and Jacksonville, two lanes thus far. Wouldn’t you expect a better highway? No it’s not.

I choose to drive 110 to the cut thru to 135 instead!

Dila Davis



Trains in Troup

A fast moving train slows

A fast moving train goes

You cross the tracks and

Complain about trains.

Dila Davis



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