Letter to the Editor


In Regard to the Elections Integrity Commission

The League of Women Voters on national, state and local levels works diligently to register, inform and encourage citizens to become active in our election process. The reliability and confidentiality of the system is critical. It is therefore deeply concerning to us that the new Elections Integrity Commission (EIC) has requested from Texas and other states, sensitive and personal voter information.

We agree with the Texas Attorney General, the Honorable Rolando Pablos, that there is little to no evidence of voter impersonation in our state. Additionally, Texas law does not permit the release of specific personal data, such as social security numbers. Because the EIC intends the collected data to be made available for public inspection, the possibility for misuse of this information is immense.

It is therefore the League’s position that Texas refuse to share this sensitive information and instead, oppose the termination of the bipartisan Election Assistance Commission and suggest federal funds be provided to replace outdated election equipment.

The League of Women Voters of Texas has provided a more comprehensive outline of this issue including a review of other mechanisms that can be utilized to update and validate voter information. It can be found on www.lwvtyler.org or the League’s Tyler/Smith County Facebook page.


Marilyn Wills, President, LWV Tyler/Smith County


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