Last chance to make it right with the law


The fifth annual Smith County Warrant Round Up is underway.

The Smith County Judicial Compliance Department mailed out more than 1,800 lavender flyers Feb. 10, to people with outstanding arrest warrants for delinquent, court-ordered fines and fees. Those people have until Feb. 25, to take care of the outstanding warrants or be subject to arrest and/or a hold on their driver’s licenses. If those with outstanding warrants are pulled over in their vehicles, they could be arrested and their vehicles impounded, resulting in additional towing and storage fees.

Smith County Judicial Compliance Supervisor Sheryl Keel said Smith County joined in the Great Texas Warrant Round Up five years ago. There will be about 300 law enforcement agencies across Texas participating in this year’s round up to concentrate their efforts to address non-compliance with court orders, she said.

“We encourage you to take care of your outstanding arrest warrants immediately,” Ms. Keel said.

Smith County Pre-Trial Release Director Gary Pinkerton said his office has been working to close out arrest warrants for non-payments throughout the year. He said about 80 percent of the people they contact about non-payment opt to pay their fines rather than go to jail.

From the round ups, Smith County has collected $92,403 in 2016; $132,000 in 2015; $90,000 in 2014; and $80,000 in 2013.

To take care of warrants by phone, or to find out if you have active warrants against you, contact the Smith County Judicial Compliance Department at 903-590-4621.