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John Stanton: His legacy lives on


In July, nearly 200 former Stanton School students, friends and family gathered to celebrate the 13th All School Reunion. While the doors were closed in 1969 with the integration mandate, the memories of this school, the educators and its namesake live on.

 John Stanton, the son of the late Josephus and Fannie, was born March 18, 1878 in Crockett. Later he moved to Bullard, settling in the New Hope Community.

After living in the community for a short while, Stanton had a dream – a dream to improve the educational opportunities for the boys and girls in the community by building better schools.

Stanton was a dedicated, dutiful, determined, diligent worker who ensured that his descendants were properly educated. His daughter, the late Annie Stanton Olgesby, and her granddaughter, the late Annie Lacy Tubbs taught school at Stanton for many years.

His desire was so great and his love so intense that he would walk throughout the community enlisting, encouraging and inspiring others to join him in this great educational endeavor – building better schools.

For his untiring and unselfish service, the school’s name was changed from New Hope School to Stanton School in 1924 in his honor.

Stanton left an indelible mark on the Stanton-Whitehouse Community. Although his earthly life ended in 1974, his legacy and influence lives on.

Recently, the Whitehouse community honored him by naming the newly erected elementary school “Stanton – Smith Elementary School.” His grandson, James Price, a former Stanton student, was presented a proclamation from the city of Whitehouse during the dedication ceremony.


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