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It’s almost that time!


As you read this, we will all be looking down the barrel of another summer ending. Sure, we all still have a week or two until we have to report back to the classrooms, but somehow seeing the final days of July on the calendar always gives me a bit of the blues. I start looking around my house and seeing projects I never completed (or never began.) I glance at the calendar and wonder if there is a chance to fit in one more thing, one more quick weekend trip, one more date night before I have to buckle down and get back to work. I look at my bookshelf and consider whether or not I have time to read one more book. Somehow these summer months slip away so quickly that it’s always over in the blink of an eye.

But even as I battle the end-of-summer-blues, I feel so blessed to have the job I do. I am honored to have the school year to be a part of the lives of so many kids in the community. I get to be there to teach, influence, mentor, encourage and cheer for them as they learn. And I am completely spoiled with working school hours. By that I mean I am at home on my couch before my friends in the business world even clock out for the day. And I get to take time off when my kids are out of school for holidays and summer breaks. Truly, this education gig is sweet!

This summer has been pretty full for me. I finished work for the school during the first week of June. I had some medical tests in mid-June that resulted in an early July surgery. (Don’t worry. I’m fine.) I was in recovery mode for about a week, and now the month’s nearly over. In between doctor and hospital visits, I’ve filled my days with lots of episodes of Impractical Jokers and Friends with my kids. I’ve read about a dozen old issues of People magazine. I’ve read two books. I’ve stayed up way too late and slept a little later in the mornings. I’ve watched several movies. I’ve fed and cared for friends’ pets while they traveled. I’ve snuggled my teenagers and spent hours talking to them about life, dreams, goals, school and whatever else came up. I’ve rested a lot. Although there were no vacations or trips for us this summer, my time off work has been pretty great!

I will admit that I’m not at all ready for those early morning alarm clocks or leaving the house before the sun has fully risen, but I am looking forward to seeing my friends and getting back to a bit of a routine. While I deeply enjoy my time off and the rest it brings, I also know that I really thrive on routine. I need structure and order in my life. The longer I am at home, the more I want to go places and spend money (which I do not have to spare) so working and filling my hours with educating students is good for me.

Next week, my oldest will start band camp in preparation for football season. We will go to the school and register the kids for the year. We will nail down the details of schedules and pay for parking spaces and take pictures. We will start looking at school supplies in the stores and picking up a few essentials to have on hand when school starts. Before we know it, the first day will be upon us.

As we all look ahead to the new beginnings, new classes, new teachers, and new campuses for some, may we all begin sharing in the excitement of a new school year!

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