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It’s almost over!


It happens every summer at about this time. I start getting grouchy. I begin realizing how close we are to the summer coming to an end and I get a little sad. Knowing I am almost done with all the relaxing and laziness makes me feel a little blue. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love my job at the school. I could not imagine working anywhere else. I love ‘my’ kids. I adore my coworkers. My boss is the best! Everything about my job is wonderful. But let’s be real here, I also love my breaks.

As an educator, one of the fun things about the job is that I get to be off when my kids are off. When they’re out of school for holidays, I am also out. When they get a week off for Spring Break, I am off for my Spring Break. And summers? They are the best! We all sleep later, stay up later, veg out in front of the television and binge-watch fun shows. I get to read more and play on my phone more. I have lunch dates with girlfriends and can stay up late to watch movies with my husband. Truly, everything about summer is fun (except for the heat!)

I have joked with my friends who are in other fields. Obviously every other profession works longer hours each day and they do it year-round. I have laughed with them about how they can stand to work “all the way until five o’clock every day” because by 5:00, I am usually starting to cook dinner or take a quick nap on my couch.

Those of us in education have been blessed with the best work hours and a great environment for sure. We are not stuck outdoors in the elements. We are not bound by retail or restaurant sales to dictate when we can come and go each day. We are not faced with high-pressure corporate meetings where we must make elaborate presentations that determine whether or not we get to stay employed. We get to skip out on a lot of the things our counterparts do in their professional worlds each day, and we are blessed by that.

Of course, I’m sure most of my friends would agree that they would prefer their job schedules to mine since they don’t “have to” work with children all day. Regardless, I love my job and my hours. I am spoiled.

As I wind down this last full week of summer break, I’m going to do my best to cram in all the naps I can, eat at least one snow cone, have lunch with a girlfriend of mine and start planning my husband’s anniversary gift for later this month. I’m going to try to finish up the book I am reading, take at least a couple bubble baths and get all my laundry folded. I’m going to spend a morning at the hospital with my mom while my dad has back surgery and will probably enjoy at least one hospital cafeteria meal. I’m going to hang out with my kids and their friends this week and try to work in one evening with my favorite new Marine to hear all about his adventures at boot camp.

Here at the end of the break, I suddenly feel the need to pack in as much as possible because I feel like I’ve slacked off all summer long. While I may not get everything in that I’d like to do, I am going to accomplish a lot and enjoy these last dwindling days of rest before I get back to the routine of the school year. Get ready, parents, school is coming soon and your kids’ teachers will be ready!


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