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Darkness and division. That’s what most of the evening television news seems to portray and I often get the idea that the world has gone wrong, or simply gone mad.

However, I have found hope. I didn’t find it on the world stage, in celebrities or in our government. I have found it much closer to home. I take encouragement, not in the stories I write, but in the people behind them.

A young lady from Whitehouse High School, so concerned with the welfare of her fellow students, spent months planning a Shattered Dreams event. Shattered Dreams is a program that involves staging a mock-wreck and having local first responders work the scene as if it were a real accident. When the event took place, I saw and heard teenagers laughing and talking as they crossed the parking lot to the wreck. Once the first responders arrived, removing the injured from the vehicles, the students became hushed and their faces showed concern. I’m certain this is the impact that was hoped for, one that will have a lasting impression.

I am also inspired by a third-grade class at Higgins. Being used to having water so easily available, it was hard for them to believe there were people who still had limited access to clean running water. This class of students sacrificed the exchange of gifts at their Christmas party in order to donate that money instead. That was the beginning of a school wide effort resulting in $2,222 raised for a well that will be built in Nicaragua this summer.

I am impressed with the efforts of a ministry out of a local church. The members there not only helped the people of Rockport soon after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, but have made return trips. Seven months after the fact, a team forfeited their leisure time during spring break to work rebuilding a home in Rockport. They are even planning yet another trip in the summer.

These are the stories that inspire. And these are the stories I hope to bring to light.

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